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The Feminine Art of Doing Nothing and Getting EVERYTHING

December 19, 2019

If you’re like me than maybe, you’ve felt the cosmic forces of the Universe making you pump your brakes. Yes, I bring you another Mercury inspired post because so many fast and furious lessons have come to me these past few weeks.

Whether you experienced break downs in communication, halts to progress, delays, or having to back track and retrace your steps, know that you are not alone. For many of us during the past few weeks, the Universe leaned in close like a bouncer to an over aggressive dude at the club, and whispered, “Chill son.” In that sobering way that lets you know he means business.

Sometimes we are forced to halt. Pause. Get stopped in our tracks and have monkey wrenches thrown in our plans that prevent them from moving forward. Take me for instance.

I had been trying to get my site updated for the past few weeks so I could make my grand announcement. First, it was being all kooky due to some funky coding mishap and had to be rebuilt. Then after it was rebuilt, it got hacked and defaced by some Anonymous looking clowns!

I was so pissed. I hate being made to pause, especially when it is a situation completely out of my control and I have to wait for other people to help me fix it. But being angry does not solve a thing. Instead, I dug down deep in my spirit, found gratitude that my site’s vulnerability was found so it could be protected, and reconnected to my feminine energy.

So I bring you the lessons I’ve gathered over the past few weeks when I was forced to chill and surrender to the divine plan and divine time.

The Feminine Art of Doing Nothing and Getting EVERYTHING, 5 Steps

1. Feel the power of the feminine. In this modern Western society we are trained to always go-go-go. We turn up at the drop of a hat, we feel we must always be “doing” something, looking busy, no matter how ineffective. We’ve got it all wrong.

95% of conscious actions that we do in the waking state are controlled by the subconscious mind. So unless you are connected to your subconscious, you aren’t truly in control of your actions anyway. While modern psychologists might call it subconscious, the ancients would use the word spirit.

The greatest way to make change in our physical reality begins with the spirit. This is the way of the feminine, to not force through action but rather influence through the power of spirit. Slow down and get in touch with your feminine force.

2. Stick your head in the clouds. As children many of us were shutdown and told to stop daydreaming and get “real”. We were pressured to conform to the reality everyone else has created around us. No one told us that we should use our mind to create our own reality.

It is the imagination that gives birth to creation. Every inventor and innovator had to take time to be still and imagine. We need to get dreamy, fantasize, and ponder “what ifs” to birth new ideas.

This can be done in a formal meditation, taking the time to slow down the breath and connect to our inner guidance system and intuition. But it can also be done anytime of the day we slow down enough to be receivers. This is why often the best ideas come to us right before we are going to sleep or as soon as we wake up. We have finally stopped moving long enough for spirit to speak to us. Other great times this happens is in the shower or going on a nice walk. Find the time to get dreamy and see what greatness you birth.

3. Get wet. Water is the element that has been linked to the feminine. What are the characteristics of water? It flows, it nurtures, it cleanses, and soothes. Water is the most powerful element as it extinguishes fire and will gradually wear away anything it encounters, drip by drip.

Want to connect to your feminine energy? Get wet! One of my favorite ways of getting wet is nice, long baths, 30 minutes minimum. I speak my intentions into the water. Water is a conduit of energy. Let the water carry your intentions and wash away worry, fear, and stress.

I like to spice up my baths with extra ingredients like essential oils, crystals, herbs, sea salt, and milk. These additions all carry various energetic properties that cleanse and heal. Slow down and soak in a bath once a week and see how much calmer and magical you become.

4. Get wet again. So, this time I am going there. We ladies have a special wetness that comes from arousal. When we are flowing, and enjoying our desires we are supple and wet. It is a joyous state that is the precursor to being orgasmic.

When you are seemingly in purgatory, enjoy it. Find pleasure in the space of your waiting. Don’t miss the jewels and treasures around you because you are tense with impatience. Find a way to pleasure yourself as you wait. Stop and smell the flowers. Wear a nice sun dress with no underwear and feel the breeze caress your skin.

Be orgasmic as you eagerly await what you are looking for, or something far greater. Pleasure yourself and imagine having what you desire. Know that it is coming and will arrive at the perfect place and time.

5. Go out in nature. In the last year or so I have fallen in love with nature, spending time in parks or even in my backyard grounds me. There is a stillness in nature that man could learn from.

Watch the trees, grass, sun, moon, clouds, rain etc. Become attuned to their energy. They are never rushing, they move in a cyclic rhythm that allows everything and everyone to be taken care of.

Go to a park, or out in the woods if you are lucky, sit on the earth. Breathe in the fresh oxygen being emitted for free by the trees. Listen to the winds rustle their leaves. Feel the tremendous peace and stillness yet enormous energy of it all. There is so much happening but yet not happening. Nature is being. The sun never rushes to rise, flowers don’t decide to bloom in winter, the moonlight shines on all without judgment.

Breathe all of that in and realize you too have a natural cycle and rhythm. You too can allow it all to just be and feel the enormous power of your stillness. Trust that at the right moment you will know when to strike. You will receive an inspiration, tap on the shoulder, nod of the head that it’s time to go. You want it at the right time and not a moment sooner.

And with that, it IS finally the right time to make my GRAND announcement! My new book, Happy and Healed, Five Steps to Getting Over ANY Man and Finding the Love You Deserve will be ready for purchase July 1st. I invite you to sign-up below to get the first chapter free. Learn more about the book here and get the details for our Happy and Healed Love Camp happening this summer.

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  1. OMGoddess!!!!! This spoke to me soooo deeply sis! I was going and going and going for 3 years!!!!! And about 2 months ago, I became so fatigued and tired and restless at the same time; it was crazy! But now I know, or I should say I’m learning, the importance of divine timing and true patience!!! And just today, I made peace with my position and I am finding my stillness! Thank you for this 🙂

  2. Thank you goddess for sharing your story. So many of us keep going and going until something forces us to stop. Congrats on finding your stillness!

  3. I really enjoyed your article. I will say that your techniques are the same techniques I use except I’m a man. 🙂 Being still is very important. Listening to nature is paramount. Both go together along with good nutrition and proper rest. Good job!

  4. Thank you Kamau. Yes, we all need to practice stillness and both men and women need to tap into the energy of the feminine. Congrats on being an evolved man that’s figured that one out!

  5. What about if you are in a well relationship? Do you have any books about maintaining your marriage how to keep balance in the family? How to prioritize your time with children and a spouse? I would love to hear what you have to say? Peace and Bliss

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