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Nice For What?!

Nice For What?! How to Go From Being
A Good Girl To A Badass Goddess

Are you ready to step out of the shadows of
playing small and into the light of your power?

It’s time for your inner GODDESS to be born!

In the book, Nice For What?! How To Go From Being A Good Girl To A Badass Goddess, author Lady Shepsa Jones teaches you why being "nice” and playing small is a prison that holds women back from living their best lives. 

A former good girl herself, she knows what it's like to feel lost, confused, and unsatisfied running around trying to please everyone but yourself. 

Having experienced divorce, homelessness, and heartbreak, she used these challenges to awaken the powers of her divine feminine to create the life she desires. 

Lady Shepsa shares a five-step process to awaken your inner badass goddess who is fearless, liberated, sensual, and sacred. 

You will go on a journey to releasing the negative programs and patterns implanted by society that teach women to repress their true desires to make everyone else happy.

Through personal inspirational stories, powerful exercises and meditations, you will learn:

  • Why being nice is wack.
  • How to discover and release the toxic family patterns that gave you a false “good girl” identity.
  • What it means to be a woman connected to her divine feminine energy.
  • How to step into your sacred sexual power.
  • How to manifest your desires using your sacred womb magic.

Get ready to enter the fire of personal transformation and emerge, like the ancient phoenix from the ashes: a free, sexy BADASS GODDESS!!

What The Goddesses
Are Saying About The Book

This book is a must read for any recovering good girl who wants to stop playing small and claim her inner badass! Lady Shepsa Jones takes you on a journey to self discovery and self healing. The practices and mediations in this book are simple yet powerful and will guide you deeper to understanding your current good girl habits and conditionings. This is more than just a book on women's empowerment, this is a life manual for reclaiming your own sovereignty and space in this world. I definitely feel like a badass goddess after reading this!

- Arnyell

According to Psychology Today, only one-quarter of women reliably experience orgasm during intercourse - no matter how long it lasts, no matter what size the man's penis, and no matter how the woman feels about the man or the relationship. Ladies, why in the the hell are we not having conversations about changing this statistic? In the book "Nice for What," Lady Shepsa Jones boldly addresses fundamental truths attached to why women in the western world are encouraged to be nice "good girls." Using testimonies from previous clients and information from other best selling authors, Lady Shepsa methodically provides steps, rituals and recommendations for transformation. She introduces the reader to Goddesses via the SASSY method to give instruction on how to catapult your sexual energy to create an extraordinary life. If you are a female that has ever felt unsatisfied sexually, stagnant or ready to make a major shift in your life, this book is for you. Ladies, it is time we redefine our divine identity and become the Badass Goddesses we were created to be.

- LaTonda

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Order my latest book,

Nice For What?!

How to Go From Being A Good Girl To A Badass Goddess