Hi! I'm

Lady Shepsa Jones

I help women go from stressed, shut
down, and depleted to juicy, orgasmic
and powerful….

Hi Goddess,

Even though I run my own transformational life coaching company and my work has touched hundreds of women in places like the United States, Canada, France, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Turkey…

Even though I have hosted 8 life-changing retreats in beautiful locations like Jamaica, Bali and Puerto Rico…

And even though I was interviewed in Essence Magazine on how women can have full body orgasms with or without a partner, it wasn’t always this way....

I am the most unlikely sacred sexuality teacher and coach. I was a virgin until I was 22 years old. Yes, you read correctly. I didn’t have sex until I was 22 and I married the man I had my first sexual experience with.

Growing up, in the ‘hood of southwest Philadelphia, I looked around at many of the ills in my environment, violence, teenage pregnancy, drugs, etc. and said,” I’m not going that way. Not only am I going to walk the good path, I am going to aim to be the best!” In many ways, I was.

Perpetual honor roll student, I won many city wide and national awards for my creative writing. I am even featured on a large mural in Philadelphia, The Common Threads mural where an image of me stands 80 feet high.

I was a teenage bible thumper. I’m talking read the Bible in the morning before high school and pledge to stay a virgin until married--type of Christian. I was the prototypical “good girl”. I graduated from New York University with honors in Drama and a double major in Africana Studies. After graduation, I became a school teacher with Teach For America. Shortly after, I married the only man I ever experienced and had a beautiful baby boy.

Perfect right? Isn’t that what every mother would want for her child? Virgin until practically married, college education from a great school and stable career.

Yes, it was perfect but a little too perfect. I found myself married with my son and having no clue about who I was as a woman. I was miserable in my relationship. While my ex-husband was a good man, he wasn’t the man for me. Matter of fact, I had no idea about who I was, or what I wanted in a relationship because I had no experience.

I had stuffed many of my true desires down inside of myself because I was too busy trying to “be good”. While in my marriage and as a new mother, I felt I lost many parts of myself where I once found my power. I had a degree in theater and stopped performing. As a matter of fact, I used to love to perform poetry growing up, and now I found myself going to open mics and being unable to even write my name on the list. During the last year of my marriage, I lost my voice several times and had laryngitis. I needed to speak my truth and recover the parts of me that were lost. I also needed to figure out who I was as a woman.

I knew this path would involve me needing to learn to tap into my feminine and sexual energy. I had always been secretly sensual and sexual, but repressed that energy way deep inside of me because of my past religious background. While married, I heard about Tantra, a path that combined sexuality and spirituality and was very intrigued. My then husband was not. He looked at me like I was crazy. 

After the agonizing decision to leave that relationship, I went on a journey to recover the pieces of myself I was missing. I discovered ancient practices, and used the path of sacred sexuality and the divine feminine to heal the parts of me that felt unseen, repressed, shutdown and non-orgasmic.

I spent several years working on myself using various Tantric and Taoist techniques, meditations, qi gong, yoga, Traditional African spirituality and shamanistic healing to find my joy, bliss and to not only become full body orgasmic—but I became FULL LIFE ORGASMIC!

Every day and every breath became an opportunity to experience bliss. I found my inner power and it wasn’t through winning awards and trying to be “perfect” like when I was a young girl, (though awards and accomplishments are wonderful too). I found my power, my peace and my joy within MYSELF!

After friends noticed the changes I made in myself and the awakening I experienced, they encouraged me to share these ancient secrets with the world. This is the medicine I bring to women with my coaching programs in Let Go Let Goddess: that we are sacred, sexy and have the power to create our lives to be blissful, orgasmic and aligned with our true desires!

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