I Come First:
 Sensual Goddess Initiation

How to experience back-arching pleasure and Goddess level sensuality on a daily basis even if you don’t have a partner, experienced sexual trauma, and think it’s too late for you


While healing and having fun exploring ancient Taoist and Tantric secret practices

So That

You have the full body orgasms and self-love you deserve

Isn’t it time you came first? Yes, pun isn’t only intended, consider this a sacred invocation. A mission statement. Consider this a shift in consciousness that applies to the bedroom and your life.

Too often we as women have been taught that our only value has been how much we can sacrifice and give to others. We make our bodies a living offering for our lovers, our families and our careers. This leaves us coming up short…

The Stats…

Women have higher rates of depression and anxiety than men. Women are more likely than men to report having a great deal of stress. Women are more likely than men to experience physical and emotional symptoms of stress. Almost half of all women say that their stress has increased in the past five years and also say they have lain awake at night because of stress.

With all this stress–which I believe comes from not putting ourselves and well-being first, who has time for pleasure? Apparently, not many of us.

In a recent survey from Cosmopolitan magazine 67% of the 2300 women asked admitted to faking orgasms. In another study of over 52,000 adults only 65% of heterosexual women said they orgasm on a regular basis compared with 95% of heterosexual men. One study carried out over eighty years found that only 25% of women orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone, leaving a whopping 75% of women hanging out to dry.

This is a big problem. Women are stressed, depressed and they are not coming first!

“The woman’s orgasm is total, not confined to the genitals. Her whole body is sexual, and she can have a beautiful orgasmic experience a thousandfold bigger, deeper, more enriching, more nourishing than a man can have.”

-Osho (Tantra Master)

We have been lied to. It is our natural state to be orgasmic and connected to our desire. When our desire is awakened, we feel more alive! This life force energy arouses to make sure we are satisfied not only in the bedroom, but in every area of our life! If you are settling for wack ass sex, either with yourself or another, then I can bet that there are other aspects of your life that are also wack and dried up. I can bet that you are not living full out. When we have the boldness to say, “I come first” in the bedroom, then we are even more empowered to put ourselves first in our life.

This requires work. While we may deeply desire to have a life of pleasure and sensual satisfaction, it may be easier said than done when we have encountered..

  • Religious dogma that teaches us sex is bad.
  • Societal double standards that say women should be virginal until marriage and any woman who enjoys sex is just a slut or hoe.
  • Sexual trauma that we never got support in healing.
  • A lack of worthy partners who make us feel safe and our toes curl.
  • Feel overstressed with the pressures of life, the pandemic, have children to raise and bills to pay.

I know because I have struggled with all of this…I am Lady Shepsa Jones, the most unlikely sacred sexuality teacher and this is my story. 

From suppressed good-girl to sensual goddess…

I am Lady Shepsa Jones, I used to be a “nun” and now I teach women to experience full body orgasms. Well, not really an actual “nun” but I was rigid, religious and suppressed.

Like many women, I was raised to fear my sexuality and sensuality and to think being a woman somehow made me “lesser than”. I was so committed to being a good girl that I was a virgin until I was 22 and married the first man I ever had sex with.

Five years and one child later, I felt miserable, stuck and a part of me inside was dying. I needed to break out the good-girl box and discover who I was as a woman.

This journey brought me face-to-face with the real me: the part that was both sacred and sensual and twerked on top of boxes meant to cage her in!

I discovered ancient practices that awakened my sensual goddess and over the past 8 years I’ve taught these practices to hundreds of women around the world.

Taking the best of these practices I’ve learned from my over 13 years studying sacred sexuality, I’ve created a brand new opportunity for the woman who wants to deepen her connection with herself, her yoni and her pleasure in my latest program: 

I Come First: Sensual Goddess Initiation

Initiation has been a major part of my healing journey. In 2017 I underwent initiation into the Tao-Tantric Arts in Thailand. This, along with other initiations I’ve experienced have been powerful and transformative experiences.

I want to bring this experience to women around the world through this program so that all women can learn the power of coming first.

You can expect to:

  • Develop a connection to your divine feminine energy.
  • Release sexual trauma.
  • Awaken the power of your womb/womb space.
  • Open your heart to more self-love.
  • Increase sensitivity to pleasure in your yoni (vagina) and breasts.
  • Experience multiple orgasms and full body orgasms
  • Awaken sexual vitality and healing with the yoni egg.
  • Less bleeding and pain during your menstrual cycle.
  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles.
  • Increase libido.
  • Develop unconditional love for your body.
  • Gain confidence and boost self-esteem.
  • Become magnetic to opportunities, abundance and lovers.

We will meet live weekly for 8 weeks as I guide you through initiation to embody the sensual goddess you were born to be. Though we are meeting online, I consider it a Goddess Temple. We are co-creating this sacred Goddess Temple in our virtual space, but also, the temple is YOU! Check out the journey we will go on below.

Week 1: Open The Temple

We will explore the concepts of sacred sexuality, Tantra and the power of orgasm. You will learn to awaken your senses to pleasure.


We will explore the power of sexual energy, how to clear sexual trauma and negative energy from our womb space.

Week 3: Bless The Temple

We will work somatically to reclaim our body and heal our nervous system from trauma. We will use movement and meditation to increase our ability to feel good and radiate goddess energy.

Week 4: Energize The Temple

We will explore divine feminine and masculine energy to create balance. We will learn qi gong techniques to increase our vitality, life force flow and sexual energy.

Week 5: Enter The Heart Temple

We will explore the power of our heart and breast to increase self-love, pleasure and womb healing. We will explore breast massage and deepen our heart-womb connection.

Week 6: Yoni Egg Initiation Part 1

We will learn about the power of the sacred yoni egg to heal our womb and increase orgasmic pleasure. radiate goddess energy.

Week 7: Yoni Egg Initiation Part 2

We will deepen our work with the yoni egg through learning various exercises to strengthen our pelvic floor muscles and have powerful orgasms.

Week 8: Orgasmic Goddess Initiation

We will explore how to become multi-orgasmic and full body orgasmic. We will explore the different orgasms women are capable of achieving.

Total Value of Program + Bonuses $2997

You pay only $497,

2 payments of $249 or
Weekly payment of $65 (8 payments total)

Dates: March 6th- May 8th
We meet on Sundays at 12 noon EST


  • Enter The Goddess Yoga and Qi Video Series (2 videos over 30 minutes long to guide you to releasing blockages in your body)
  • Copy of my book WET: 30-Day Deep Dive into Sensual Bliss and Feminine Pleasure (sent as electronic download)
  • Bonus Twerking Dance Workshop

You missed out!


Psst! Here’s a secret. I’m running this course live as a test run for a beautiful HD pre-recorded video version I plan to record in the near future. Goddesses who join the live class will automatically gain full access to the upgraded video version when it is available! This is an opportunity to gain exclusive content at a discounted price! Don’t miss out!


Goddesses who join I Come First: Sensual Goddess Initiation will get priority consideration and a discount for my sacred sexual healer certification program Queen!


You missed out!

Check out testimonials from Goddesses who’ve done similar work with me

Goddess Iana

Goddess LaTonda

Prior to working with Lady Shespa, I was feeling sexually and sensually deprived. For over three months, I experienced a low libido and the inability to masturbate. Sensitive feelings were gone. I knew something was wrong, and around the time of discovery, I received an email about the Sensual Goddess Bootcamp.

The exercises and calls were more than helpful. What I really like was the variety-they were completely new to me. My favorite was the breast massage. I had no idea the impact it can have on your sensuality! Also, the educational background on our female anatomy and chakras, were most helpful. Lastly, the weekly baths were a special treat! I awakened more pleasure. Highly recommend!! Looking forward to more boot camps, classes, and more!!!

- Goddess Lauren

This class was just what I needed on my journey of self love, self care and Tantra. I was excited about each week and each exercise, like a kid in a candy store! This class opened me up to things that had been lying dormant. Money manifested, ideas manifested, and an awakened sex drive manifested. Thank you for sharing your knowledge/gift with me/us. I would encourage others to join. You have so many great nuggets and it's a safe place to learn, share and grow!

- Goddess Denyse

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the classes meet?

We meet Sundays at 12 noon EST.

How long is each class?

We will meet from 60-90 minutes.

I’ve experienced sexual trauma, will this work for me?

Yes, we have several classes that address trauma specifically and will continue to work to heal trauma throughout.

I haven’t experienced sexual trauma, do I need this class?

Even if you haven’t experienced sexual trauma you will still benefit from this class. Most women have experienced a disconnection from their bodies and pleasure. If you are ready to deepen pleasure and your connection to your body, this is for you.

Do I need a partner for this class?

No, this class will teach you exercises that can be done solo. If you do have a partner, they will benefit and can assist if they like.

I’ve had hysterectomy, can I still participate?

Yes, many of my clients have had their uterus removed and still gain many benefits from our work including increase in libido and pleasure.

Do I need to attend the classes live?

It is best to attend as many classes live as you possibly can. However, recordings will be sent out for each class.


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