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How to Let a Mo’fo Go That is Not for Your Highest Good!

December 21, 2019

You know it’s time. Time to let a Mo’fo go! The relationship is draining you. You’re not satisfied. You are filled with anxiety, tension and heartbreak. Maybe you’re even just bored. You know you could do better, but having something “stable” has become your prison. But who are you kidding? This isn’t stable, quietly inside you’re losing your mind!

You know in your heart that this is not for your highest good, but you’re too scared to walk away. You fear it’s going to hurt too much. The thought of being alone leaves you feeling exposed, naked.

Now a Mo’fo does not have to be a relationship with a man or romantic partner. It could be your relationship to a bad habit, negative thought pattern, self-doubt, unfulfilling career, or even the city that you live in that is no longer doing it for you.

I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to go it alone. You don’t have to feel so naked. Wrap these questions around you. Chew on them, brew them in your soul and when it’s time, if it’s time, allow yourself to move on.

9 Questions To Reflect On When Letting a Mo’fo Go

First, bring to mind the image of the Mo’fo in question. If it is a person, see this person in your mind’s eye. See yourself interacting with this individual. Reflect on how you feel when you are relating with this person. Now if it is a habit, career, or even a city, see yourself in that situation. How does being there/doing that make you feel?

With all of this in mind, talk to the situation/Mo’fo and pose the following questions:

  1. Why are you here?
  2. What did you come to teach me?
  3. How do you reflect me?
  4. Is it time to let go?
  5. What do I lose by staying with you?
  6. What do I lose by letting you go?
  7. What do I gain by keeping you?
  8. What do I gain from letting you go?
  9. How can I show up as LOVE in this situation, whether I decide to stay or go?

Feel free to write the questions down, meditate on them, then go back and write down the answers your spirit received. Weigh what your are losing vs. gaining, and evaluate if the outcome is worth it.

The last question however is of utmost importance. When leaving anything, it is important to do so in love. Love for yourself and love for the Mo’fo. Why love you may ask? Especially in situations where one may have suffered abuse or betrayal, it can be difficult to think of parting ways in love.

But the love is not necessarily about the individual in question, it is about understanding and appreciating the lessons. That job, that individual, this negative habit has caused you to grow, to expand and become more of who you were meant to be, by realizing what you do not want. Give thanks. You now have an impetus to live better, want more, and evolve.

The truth is, while on the outside it may seem like they are not for your highest good, this situation ultimately was the contrast you needed to catapult you into the greatness you are meant to be. Give thanks for the Mo’fo!

*If the Mo’fo in question for you actually is a man or romantic partner, then please look out for my upcoming book, Happy and Healed, Five Steps to Getting Over ANY Man and Finding the Love You Deserve due out June 2015.

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