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Goddess Love Letter: Surrender! You Are Not In Control.

September 5, 2022

It’s been over a month since my last Goddess Love Letter as I was in need of a sacred rest and reset. I encourage you to pause anytime you need to stop, rest and reflect.

Sometimes we feel pressured with this “grind” culture to always be “doing” something that we leave out “being”. Being is when we receive our sacred instructions. Being is when our nervous system has a chance to regulate and reset.

I write you this letter from the beautiful island of St. Thomas which is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. I knew I needed a sacred vacation with my son before the end of summer.

However, I was “supposed” to be home yesterday. I got an email at 4am Sunday that my flight was canceled because of “weather”. I was pissed.

As much as I’ve loved being in paradise I was ready to go home. I went into a flurry of motion rebooking my flight. That flight too was canceled. What the hell?!!

As it turns out a storm was passing. I was stuck. Now I needed to extend our stay at the resort, money I didn’t plan on spending. Not only that, but the beautiful sunny skies had turned into dark gray ominous clouds. We couldn’t even go to the beach.

I was so mad. If only I had left the day before. If only I hadn’t booked in hurricane season! Why me?!

But this morning, I’ve gotten another perspective. The voice and teachings of my ancestors are telling me, “Surrender! You are not in control. Release the resistance.”

At first that is NOT what I wanted to hear. I hate feeling stuck even though I know safety is the most important thing.

You are not in control.

Arrghhhh!! I wanna go home!

You are not in control. Is not the name of your business Let Go Let Goddess?

Then I remembered that my ancestors understood this and honored the forces of nature. Oya is the powerful Orisha (divinity) of winds and storms from the Yoruba pantheon. She brings the winds of change! Maybe she is blowing away my resistance to the rhythms of life?

My ancestors saw divinity EVERYWHERE! The oceans, rivers, winds, mountains and trees. They honored these reflections of God/Goddess because they knew they were interdependent.

In honoring them they were able to live in harmony with them.

So today, I will commit to honoring the sacred rhythms of life. I will release trying to control that which I cannot. I will trust in the greater plan.

I encourage you to do the same. Where in your life do you need to let go, let goddess?

Goddess, I love you and I want you to surrender! You are not in control.

In Surrender,

Lady Shepsa Jones

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