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Goddess Love Letter: Hear Your No!

September 19, 2022

Goddess, I love you and I want you to be able to hear the“NO!” from your Spirit.

I had an interesting experience last week. I was talking on the phone to a guy I had matched with from an app. We had been texting off and on and finally had a phone conversation.

During the conversation I felt a strong NO from Spirit. This wasn’t going to work. No need to arrange a date. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.

While we spoke the red flags were cascading from his mouth…

He did not believe in “soul searching”.

“Black men don’t do therapy.”

There was no need to heal from his last relationship because apparently it was all his ex’s fault.

Yikes. Had to end that conversation. “Look at the time, I need to go. I haven’t eaten all day.” Click.

Now, Shepsa 10 years ago might have given him a shot. She may have tried to share with him tools for self reflection and probe deeper. She may have even seen “potential”.

But this Shepsa in 2022–41 year old Shepsa–ain’t got no time for that!

This got me thinking how important it is that we as women hear the No from our Spirit.

Too often we ignore our inner guidance due to people pleasing or fear of change. Here are 3 Tips To Recognize Your Spirit Is Telling You “No!”


1. You Feel It In Your Gut.
There is a reason they call the gut our “second brain”. This is why we get “butterflies” when excited or why our digestion has issues when we worry.
Our gut is the location of the Enteric Nervous System. The ENS communicates directly with our brain. What is your gut saying?

2. Your Body Feels Drained.
When you think about doing something and your body is NOT energized, but in fact feels drained at the thought, it’s a NO! We have been taught to push and force ourselves. Listen to your body. When we don’t listen to our body, oftentimes we will find ourselves sick. What is your body saying?

3. You Feel Depressed.
We have been taught that life should be a hard struggle and pleasure is a frivolous reward. We’ve been taught that taking it “easy” makes us lazy. When we constantly choose things that trigger our stress response instead of our pleasure response we begin to feel depressed. That feeling is a signal that your spirit is saying, “No!”

I have made a promise to myself to invite in ease. Once something no longer feels good or nourishing, I’m not doing it.

What is your Spirit saying no to? Have you been honoring it? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I am so happy your spirit spoke so clearly to you, and you have the sense to listen to her. I have had the same experience with men on dating apps. I feel like many of the men on the apps are not healed and are looking for their next victim to take on the pain they are feeling or repressing.

    I have been listening to my spirit in other ways, including messages to slow down, yield, NO, and GO. For example, finding a job and not just taking on the position that pays the most doesn't fulfill my life purpose. Feel that pressure from family when they tell you," get your foot in the door, and you can find something else later."
    If I am looking for a job I don't want, why not spend that time getting the one I want?

  2. Goddess I hear you! Lots of toxicity on these apps. Glad you are listening to YOUR SPIRIT and not moving from fear. May you manifest a job that fulfills you and brings prosperity!!

  3. Yes Goddess! We often feel fear when being called to a new level. It’s your ego trying to protect you. Acknowledge your fear and affirm that you are safe and all is well.

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