How to experience back-arching pleasure and

Goddess level sensuality

on a daily basis even if you don’t have a partner, experienced sexual trauma, and think it’s too late for you


While healing and having fun exploring ancient Taoist and Tantric secret practices

So That

You have the full body orgasms and self-love you deserve


Wasting time with f*ck boys or fake spiritual gurus

”The woman’s orgasm is total, not confined to the genitals. Her whole body is sexual, and she can have a beautiful orgasmic experience a thousandfold bigger, deeper, more enriching, more nourishing than a man can have.” - Osho (Tantra Master)

Did you know orgasm and the ability to experience pleasure is one of your super powers as a woman? Yes, it is!

However, the majority of women aren’t tapped into this power. About 75% of women do not experience orgasm on a regular basis. If you’re not feeling juicy, sexy and full of pleasure on a regular basis you are not alone.

Maybe you’re disconnected from your sexual energy because of past trauma.

Maybe you got stuck with religious dogma that taught you sex is “dirty” or your sexual organs are “cursed”.

Maybe you are tired from working all day, being on Zoom, and have pandemic fatigue with little time for yourself.

Maybe you always relied on your partners to pleasure you and you’re single af and frustrated.

Whatever the reason is, I want you to know it is not too late! You can experience
your super power even though you’ve experienced trauma (most women have),
overwhelmed with children and work, or just exhausted!

I know because I’ve been there….

From suppressed good-girl to sensual goddess…

I am Lady Shepsa Jones, I used to be a “nun” and now I teach women to experience full body orgasms. Well, not really an actual “nun” but I was rigid, religious and suppressed.

Like many women, I was raised to fear my sexuality and sensuality and to think being a woman somehow made me “lesser than”. I was so committed to being a good girl that I was a virgin until I was 22 and married the first man I ever had sex with.

Five years and one child later, I felt miserable, stuck and a part of me inside was dying. I needed to break out the good-girl box and discover who I was as a woman.

This journey brought me face-to-face with the real me: the part that was both sacred and sensual and twerked on top of boxes meant to cage her in!

I discovered ancient practices that awakened my sensual goddess and over the past 7 years I’ve taught these practices to hundreds of women around the world. I share these practices in my latest book and coaching program
WET: 30-Day Deep Dive Into Sensual Bliss and Feminine Pleasure (formally Sensual Goddess Bootcamp).

Are you ready to release stress, sexual trauma, and fear of your sexual power?

Is it time for you to get drenched in the ecstasy of your divine feminine energy?

In my coaching program 
WET: 30-Day Deep Dive into Sensual Bliss and Feminine Pleasure I take you on a journey to awaken your sacred sexual energy. I share ancient Taoist and Tantric practices to help you heal sexual blockages and reclaim your right to experience full body pleasure and orgasms.

Here you will explore a different sacred sexual practice every day for 30 days--no partner needed! Through powerful exercises, Goddess rituals and meditations you will learn how to:

  • Release negative emotions and trauma stuck in your womb.
  • Open your heart to more self-love.
  • Increase sensitivity to pleasure in your yoni (vagina) and breasts.
  • Experience multiple orgasms and full body orgasms.
  • Tap into the power of your moon (menstrual cycle).
  • Awaken sexual vitality and healing with the yoni egg.

These exercises are solo exercises and you don’t need a partner. However, I’ve also included throughout the book fun ways you can incorporate a partner if you do have one. I’ve also detailed a sacred sexual ritual you can do with a lover plus a steamy story about my first time having Tantric sex!

Get ready to become
WET! A woman who is baptized in the healing waters of her own sacred sensual energy!

Here's what you get when you join the program:

  • Instant electronic download of my book Wet: 30 Day Deep Dive Into Sensual Bliss and Feminine Pleasure
  • Over 30 videos to help you learn the exercises
  • 4 powerful Goddess meditations.
  • Recording of 2 Goddess Rituals: Womb Healing Ritual and Sex Magic Ritual.
  • Daily inspirational videos and workbook to help you through the exercises.

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Check out what

the Goddesses say

about their experiences doing this work. (Sensual Goddess Bootcamp was the previous name of this program. The book WET is the expanded and updated version of the exercises in the program.)

Goddess Iana

Goddess LaTonda

Prior to working with Lady Shespa, I was feeling sexually and sensually deprived. For over three months, I experienced a low libido and the inability to masturbate. Sensitive feelings were gone. I knew something was wrong, and around the time of discovery, I received an email about the Sensual Goddess Bootcamp.
The exercises and calls were more than helpful. What I really like was the variety-they were completely new to me. My favorite was the breast massage. I had no idea the impact it can have on your sensuality!  Also, the educational background on our female anatomy and chakras, were most helpful. Lastly, the weekly baths were a special treat! I awakened more pleasure. Highly recommend!! Looking forward to more boot camps, classes, and more!!!

- Goddess Lauren

This class was just what I needed on my journey of self love, self care and Tantra. I was excited about each week and each exercise, like a kid in a candy store! This class opened me up to things that had been lying dormant. Money manifested, ideas manifested, and an awakened sex drive manifested. Thank you for sharing your knowledge/gift with me/us. I would encourage others to join. You have so many great nuggets and it's a safe place to learn, share and grow!

- Goddess Lauren

How to experience
back-arching pleasure and Goddess level sensuality

Week 1

Learn to release blocks to bliss and open to receiving more pleasure in your daily life through qi gong, meditation, breast massage and more.

Week 2

Awaken the power of your yoni (sanskrit for womb/vagina meaning "sacred spance") through meditation, yoni egg exercises and learning to stimulate your sexual reflexology zones.

Week 3

Discover your sexual fantasies, balance the feminine and masculine energy channels of your body. Awaken sexual vitality and the secret to being "immortal".

Week 4

Explore the different types of orgasms (yes there are more than one!) and learn an ancient technique to open to full body orgasms!

Are you ready to get WET?!

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3 Reasons You Need To Heal Your Womb