A 9-month Transformational Journey

Are you ready to be reborn?





Are you ready to tap into your wild woman? Being wild is not about being reckless in a way that creates disharmony. In fact, when we are living our true wildness, we are connected and in harmony with all. We align with the best, purest, most true part of ourselves. It is the wild woman who comes to uproot and set things in order. She is the one who carries and gives birth to a new vision. In this signature premiere program a special group of women will be taken through a transformative 9-month journey to set free the wild goddess within.


Each month will highlight a different WILD Goddess principle featuring a live workshop coupled with weekly exercises that allow us to dig deep into our untamed nature. Each attribute is explored through an archetypical Goddess whom we learn about as a source of inspiration. Each trimester will also have a guest expert give a workshop.


This years topics include manifesting wealth, healing with herbs and female shamanism. We also commune for live online monthly full moon rituals to summon the magic of la luna to super charge our goals and aspirations. Women have the benefit of working one-on-one with me during an individual coaching session each month. The journey ends with a mandatory retreat in paradise where we will tap into our divine feminine energy through workshops and ceremonies amidst the backdrop of the lush tropics.









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First Trimester


Discover, Release and Lay the Foundation




1. WILD Principle: Truth


Workshop: Align With Your Desires! Uncover The Truth of Who You Are!


Are you ready to be unleashed? We begin this journey by getting in touch with our authentic self. We work on aligning with our desires and using them to fuel our goals. We learn to unashamedly walk in our personal truth and boldly declare what we want in life!


Goddess: Maat













2. WILD Principle: Freedom


Workshop: Get FREE! Let Go Past Patterns and Make Space for the New 

Let it go! This month we go deep and uncover ways we self-sabotage and areheld back by past patterns and limiting beliefs. We work to clear out what isholding us back and make space for what we desire. We claim our freedomand liberate ourselves from the chains of the past.


 Goddess- Erzulie Dantor   





3. WILD Goddess Principle: Nurturing


Special Guest Workshop: Mothering One’s self and Healing the Womb with HerbsPanquetzani Tcitl of Indigemama: Ancestral Healing


Heal, love and nurture YOU! This month we have a special guest workshop presenter who will teach us the ancient ways Mesoamerican women used to bring healing and balance to their womb. As women our wombs are the source of our power and creativity. When this is blocked or becomes stagnant disease abounds.We will learn natural remedies to heal and nourish both our womb and soul, thus bringing more balance, greater health and bliss to our lives. 


web- http://www.indigenousmother.blogspot.com/


Goddess: Yemaya 








Second Trimester


Expand, Create and Magnetize!








4. WILD Goddess Principle: Vision


Workshop: Creative Vision. Expanding and Holding the Vision of Our Desires!

We spark the new year by getting inspired by our life vision. We expand on our desires by imagining what we want and release blockages that limit our possibilities. We learn to get very specific about what we see for major areas in our life and invoke the Divine to magnify and bring increase to what we envision.


Goddess: Het Heru





5. WILD Goddess Principle: Magic


Workshop: Feminine Magic. Awakening the Goddess Within!

Now that we have the vision of what we want, we learn to magnetize it with our feminine magic! This month we will focus on tapping into the power of our divine feminine energy and self-care practices to heal our sexuality. We learn to tap into our feminine magic so that what we want comes effortlessly.


Goddess: Shakti













6. WILD Goddess Principle: Creativity


Special Guest Workshop: Sexy Money!

Create Wealth with Denise Cooper CEO of D Cooper Financial web: http://www.sexymoneynow.com/
Let’s get sexy with our money! This month we tap into the power of our creativity to manifest abundance in our lives. We will learn how our sexuality is connected to our creativity and thus paramount in our ability to tap into wealth. Our guest expert will teach us how to get sexy with our money so our life overflows with prosperity.


Goddess: Lakshmi




Third Trimester


Giving Birth to the Goddess




7. WILD Goddess Principle: Love


Workshop: Love Goddess, Opening and Flowing in Love

This month we will cultivate the sacred energy of love. Love is the fabric of the Universe. We will focus on letting love in until our cup runneth over! We will learn how to heal our hearts so we can open to receive love and flow in the stream of this divine energy.


Goddess: Oshun













8. WILD Goddess Principle: Erotic


Workshop: Awakening the Erotic!

Grounded in love we make way for the erotic! This month we ignite and invoke our erotic energy. We use this energy to free ourselves from limiting beliefs around women and the expression of sexual energy. We learn steamy Tantric exercises to expand our passion and heal our feminine organs.


Goddess: Lalita Tripura Sundari





9. Goddess Principle: Wild


Workshop: Unashamed, Unapologetic and WILD!


Let the WILD goddess be born! We have spent 9 months in gestation, now it’s time for the new US to be born. We learn to live unashamed, unapologetic and FREE! We will have a special guest presenter discuss female shamanism, tapping into your intuition and unlocking your spiritual power. (Expert TBA)


Goddess: Kali













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Silver Goddess- $97/month

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  • Live Monthly Full Moon rituals and group coaching

  • 3 yoni egg starter pack

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Platinum Goddess- $297/month

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