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Yoni Juju: 5 Ways to Keep It Juicy This Spring

December 28, 2019

Yoni Juju: 5 Ways to Keep It Juicy This Spring

After hibernating during a long, dark and cold winter, spring coaxes us to come out and play! As the air starts to warm, and the weather gradually becomes sunnier, we too start to bloom! Spring represents the aspect of the triple goddess called the “maiden”. She is young, fun, flirty and fertile! During springtime our sexual energy starts to awaken from winter’s hibernation.

We can tap into the feminine energy of spring by taking time to honor our yoni, (sanskrit for vagina meaning sacred space). When we honor the goddess temple within us, we increase our health, abundance, sensuality and fertility.

As women we embody the feminine aspect of the divine whose element is water. What is one of the main properties of water? It is wet! We too should be juicy as juiciness is a sign of healthy flowing hormones. When you are juicy, you are happy and fertile to become pregnant (literally or figuratively with your desires).

Our yonis are delicate flowers and without proper lubrication can get damaged. Vaginal dryness affects many women after menopause, but also younger women who may feel disconnected sexually, stressed out, or have hormonal imbalances. When the yoni is dry she becomes susceptible to illness and disease. Sexual intercourse becomes painful often resulting in cuts and bruises.

yoni split

A healthy yoni is a wet yoni. This spring, let’s unleash our goddess energy! Check out our secret tips, Yoni Juju: 5 Ways to Keep It Juicy This Spring

1.Hydrate. Do you drink enough water? If your juices aren’t flowing you should start by making sure you are properly hydrated. Especially as the weather gets warmer and you sweat more, up your water intake. (8 glasses a day is a common recommendation). When we are properly hydrated our body is more lubricated.

Drinking lots of water and natural fruit juices also helps to flush out toxins that can lead to unwanted odors. A healthy yoni smells and tastes sweet. Sample your own juices, do you like the taste? If not, try increasing your water intake. Natural coconut water, cucumber and pineapple juice also keep us flowing and sweet.

2.Sunning Are you getting your vitamin D? Many times after a long dark winter we are vitamin D deficient, which can lead to feelings of lethargy and depression. Feeling depressed will definitely dry you up. As the sun shines brighter and hotter and our skin drinks up sun rays, don’t leave your yoni out of it! Ancient Taoists created a practice called “sunning” where you open your legs to have your yoni drink in the sunshine. What are the benefits of this besides feeling amazing?

The natural sunlight helps to kill bacteria and tones the muscles. By exposing the darkest or most yin part of our bodies to yang sunlight, we bring harmony and balance to our energy system. It is also very invigorating and stimulating for our sexual energy.

In the privacy of your own backyard, or discretely in a park, you can engage in this practice. Wear a long skirt with no underwear, lay on your back and open your legs to the sun. Imagine your yoni sipping up the sunrays. Warning: may cause orgasm!

3.Go Commando! Sunning doesn’t have to be the only time you go panty-less. Going commando often is also another great way to keep your yoni healthy and spring dresses make it oh so easy! While many think g-strings and other tight fitting underwear look sexy, they are actually not the best for our yoni. Think of your yoni as another mouth, she needs to breathe. When we wear constricting underwear, our yoni does not get enough air and can become prone to harmful bacteria growth.

Keep your yoni’s juices healthy by getting enough air circulating through her. Not to mention, going commando while wearing soft cotton or satiny dresses makes you feel sensual and sexy!

4.Steam It. Did you know you can give your yoni a facial? (vagicial anyone?) Yoni steaming is an ancient practice done all over world for centuries by women to help heal, tone and pamper the yoni and uterus. These baths are often used post-partum to help women heal from the birthing process.

However, it can be used on a regular basis to assist the release of toxins from the reproductive organs and can be healing for womb diseases like fibroids, heavy menstrual bleeding and cramps. It is also helpful in treating STDs, urinary tract infections, inflammation and hemorrhoids. Yoni steams are also great for improving fertility and connecting with your feminine and sensual energy.


Some common herbs used traditionally in yoni steaming are: mugwort, rosemary, lavender, and rose petals among others.

The herbs are put into a pot of boiled water and the woman squats or kneels over the pot wearing a long skirt, or covered in blankets to help induce sweating. Through releasing toxins through this sauna for your yoni, you will ensure she stays juicy and healthy.

5.Yoni Egg. Ready for some vaginal kung fu? Try a yoni egg! The process of inserting an egg made of gemstone into the yoni is another ancient Taoist practice. For thousands of years, this secret practice was known only to the women of the royal court of ancient China.


The women who mastered the yoni egg were said to be “immortal” having a youthful appearance and tight, juicy sexual organs like that of a much younger woman. Traditionally, jade was the most common stone used for its healing properties. Jade heals the heart chakra, awakens yin or feminine energy, and symbolizes prosperity.

 Through performing kegels and other exercises with the yoni egg, women can tone and tighten the vaginal muscles. This helps to prevent pelvic prolapse and incontinence. The practice of meditating with the egg helps to transform sexual energy into spiritual energy and bring cosmic bliss. The egg also gently stimulates the vaginal canal making her more lubricated. Working with the egg on a regular basis will keep your juicy waters flowing!

Try some or all of these tips for a juicy spring and summer. If you are in need of a yoni egg, please click below to check out our eggs. Free shipping this week!


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