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Insatiable- 4 Lessons Prince Taught Us About Sexual Liberation

December 27, 2019

Insatiable: 4 Lessons Prince Taught Us About Sexual Liberation

Prince, the King of Sensuality has transitioned. I was devastated when I heard the news. How could this artist, this icon, this more than an ordinary man leave us? Like many, I did not want to believe it, hoping it was another internet hoax. I am still in disbelief. As we all grapple with his emergence back into non-physical, I would like for us to savor who he was (is).

Prince was a musical genius who sparked us into sexual liberation. There are so many amazing lessons from this man, it is hard to narrow them down into one blog. This is my humble offering as I reflect on the passing of an icon.

4 Lessons Prince Taught Us About Sexual Liberation

1.Give No Fux. Prince was a petite 5’2 man who walked around as if he was 6’9. Dressed in tight leather pants, he gyrated and grinded on stage with his booty cheeks out causing the audience to flood with orgasmic energy. He was liberated. He gave no fux and proudly screeched and moaned in his music helping us all to unleash our primal sexual nature.

In Prince, we saw ourselves. He reflected the part of our sexual energy that was repressed. He stylishly dressed it in purple satin and used it to seduce an entire world. He embodied for us what not giving a fuck about what anyone has to say looks like. He showed us what it meant to so fully embody your genius, that no one else can fuck with you. Who ever came for Prince? Nobody, because you can’t! When you can fully embody your sensuality, your genius, and have no fux to give, you are liberated.

2.Life Is A Dance of Feminine and Masculine Energy. Prince wore eyeliner, heels, had some of the flyest press and curls, yet could take the most “macho” man’s woman. He took what a man is supposed to look like and destroyed it. He defied labels. In a culture that suppresses feminine energy and berates any man who displays effeminate attributes, he played with it. He danced between the feminine and the masculine and helped us to see beyond the binary. He wore ruffles, belted out high-pitched screams and coolly spoke in a deep throaty masculine voice.

He even changed his name to a symbol, a representation of the divine feminine and sacred masculine, the two energies that birth creation. Prince was yin and yang. He was naturally tantric. He reminded men to honor their feminine energy and aroused women into a pulsating sea of feminine energy with his masculine sexual prowess.

3.Women Are To Be Sexually Free. Prince told stories in his songs of women who were sexual, free and made him question his own ability to satisfy them. Who could ever forget the story of “Darling Nikki” who he found self-pleasuring in a hotel lobby? She wooed him with her grind, and took his body to places it had never been before. In the words of Prince,

“Her lovin’ will kick your behind

Oh, she’ll show you no mercy

But she’ll sho’ nuff sho’ nuff show you how to grind”

In comparison with many male artists who like to tell stories of their conquests, Prince told us that Nikki loved him and left him, leaving her phone number on the stairs.

In the ancient Tantra tradition, it was the women priestesses who initiated men in the ways of sexual alchemy. Tantra is full of stories of male seekers that came upon wild goddesses who liberated them with their wild sexual energy. Prince understood this, that it was the female that activated the male. He showed us that women are naturally sexual and free.

4.Be Insatiable. Prince created a song calledInsatiable”. This song alone awakens all my chakras and gets me swimming in a pool of sensual energy. I get lost. I unbuckle. I undress. If I was going to direct a video of tantric lovemaking, this would be the soundtrack. Over and over again. This song is how I feel when my favorite lover is inside me. I am unbridled, my body is an instrument for him to play. There are no boundaries, the line between where he begins and I end is blurred. I want to drink him in with my entire being.

Prince’s sexy talk about recording the encounter, his hips in the air and getting “nasty” all night helps us to unlock our deepest sexual fantasies. We feel like he is making love to us in this song. Prince awakens us into our desires through his guiltless portrayal of shamelessly pursuing his.

There is so much one can say about this musical genius, humanitarian, uncompromising artist and sexual healer. What an honor to share the planet at a time when he graced the Earth. May we all tap into our genius and liberate ourselves so that we have no fux to give and leave a legacy behind for generations to follow.

Prince, may your reunion with Source be even more beautiful than the light you shone for us. You sexy muthaf—er!


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