Goddess Of
Self Love Ritual

Let my worship be within the heart that rejoices, for behold, all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.

- Doreen Valiente, Charge Of The Goddess

How to
fall madly in love with yourself
even if you don’t have a body like J Lo, been single af for years and made so many mistakes you feel like even Iyanla can’t fix your life.

While learning to experience back-arching pleasure in your body.
So That
You can become a love magnet and seduce all your desires to you with grace and ease,
Being a struggling “pick-me” settling for less than you deserve.

Molly, you in danger girl…

Would you take dinner from a starving, emaciated man?

Would you accept a glass of water from someone who was obviously dehydrated?

Even better...

Would you give someone else your dinner if you were starving?
Would you offer them your water if you were dying of thirst?

This is what many of us do as women. We give to other people from a place of depletion, not a place of fullness.

Then we wonder why we feel so drained, shutdown and abandoned.

Even worse, we hold up the ways we overextend and sacrifice ourselves as a badge of honor.

We go above and beyond serving others hoping that one day they will give to us the way we gave to them.

“If I show him how much of a good woman I am, he will commit to me...”

It never works.

This madness has to stop.

If you are a woman who overextends herself, and has been left dehydrated and starving, instead of well-nourished with love, I have something for you...

How about you spend some time pouring into YOU? Worshipping YOU? Loving on YOU!

We can only be loved to the capacity that we love ourselves.

When we love ourselves deeply, truly and unabashedly, all others will follow suit or move out the gatdamn way!

In this 2.5 hour live workshop, experience an intimate exploration and deep dive into YOU!

You can expect to:

  • Release barriers to self love and learn to adore tf out of yourself.
  • Let go of body shame and embrace your natural shape just as it is.
  • Learn to love what you see in the mirror and stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Discover sacred acupressure points in the body to heal grief, sadness, loss, heartache, worry and fear.
  • Use healing sound to open your heart center and activate the ability to give and receive more love (you first).
  • Learn qi gong movements to unblock the heart center, release anger and awaken more self-love.
  • Learn easy yoga movements to connect your heart to your womb and increase energy flow
  • Explore self massage practices to awaken pleasure and increase blissful sensations in the feminine organs.
  • Discover tools to create a self-worship ritual as a part of sensual self-care.
  • Increase magnetism and confidence to easily and effortlessly accomplish your 2022 goals.


  • Grounding and centering meditation
  • How To Release Barriers To Self Love and Adore Tf Out Of Yourself Workshop
  • Mirror Work
  • Journaling


  • Heart Opening Qi Gong
  • Clothing Optional Body-Love Yoga
  • Heart and Womb Connection Exercise
  • Guided self massage to awaken self love and pleasure
  • Self-Love Worship and Pleasure Ritual
  • Sharing
  • Closing

When: Sunday, February 12th 8pm EST
Where: In Your House Of Love via Zoom

This class will be held live over Zoom. The clothing optional yoga portion will NOT be recorded. Participants may have camera off during this part of the class.

All participants will receive a recording of the session, minus the nude yoga.


1. Recipe For Sweet Thang Spiritual Bath. This spiritual bath will cleanse your aura of negative energy, stress and self-depreciating thoughts. It will invoke feelings of sensuality, self-love and make you a love magnet.

2. Goddess Of Self-Love Affirmations Booklet

Total Value of Workshop and Bonuses: $197

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