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Goddess Love Letter: Tap Into Your Sensuality For You

July 14, 2022

Goddess I love you and I want you to tap into your sensuality for you first…

Some don’t understand when I say my sensuality is for me first. Before I belong to anyone, I belong to myself. This is not a concept many women are raised with.

We are raised to think our sensuality and sexuality are solely for the enjoyment of the man. That our worth and value is predicated upon how much a man desires us.

So this makes us dress, talk and act in a way that makes us the object of someone else’s desire. We bend and fold ourselves into boxes that others find appeasing.

We play small, deaf and dumb. This is why 67% of women have admitted to faking orgasms.

What happens when we flip the gaze?

What if we made ourselves the subject of our own desire?

What happens when we make our worth inherent and not something that needs to be earned?

What happens when we enjoy our body and sensuality for us FIRST?

I will tell you what happens. Healing happens. The shedding of low self-esteem based on society’s standards happens.

Centering of yourself and your pleasure happens.

Faking orgasms stops. You no longer care if he texts back. You stop asking permission to pursue your desires. You do what feels good to you.

You embody a true sensual goddess. Once you are walking in this power you are actually more magnetic and attract your desires to you easier than you did when you were trying to fulfill someone else’s fantasy.

There is nothing sexier and more attractive than a woman who has centered her own pleasure.

Goddess I love you and I want you to tap into your sensuality and your sexuality for you first!

In Bliss,
Lady Shepsa Jones

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