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Goddess Love Letter: SLOW TF DOWN!

July 17, 2022

Lady Shepsa Jones here bringing you your Goddess Love Letter for the week and my message is simple, SLOW TF DOWN…

I was walking around my living room today and stubbed my toe. I heard a voice say, “Slow tf down…”. We may think it is an accident when we miss a step and trip or any other seemingly minute stumble. However, it is very often because we are not being present.

We live in a very fast paced society. We got 5G, ultra-high speed internet, super highways and we want what we want yesterday!

No one likes things to take too long. No one wants to go slow.

This is one secret though the ancients knew that we have forgotten: When we go slow we receive more…

We receive more because we are present. We can feel more deeply. This is a key to being more sensual and expanding one’s orgasmic potential.

Try this, right now close your eyes. Drop into your belly and connect to your breath. Breathe in slowly on a count of 5, hold on a count of 3 and exhale on a count of 5.

Go ahead….

How do you feel? Hopefully like some tension was released. We hold so much unconscious tension and traumas in our bodies. Slowing down helps us to let it go.

This summer I’ve been moving slowly with intention. I’ve been savoring the divine timing of nature and sitting in the grass soaking up the sun.

When I am connected to the earth in this way, I feel the stress melt away from my body. Moving this slowly with intention or being still increases my pleasure. I use this same awareness when I’m with a lover or pleasing myself.

I want to feel every sensation, touch, kiss or lick. I want to allow myself to melt into the experience. I want to allow the sweet surrender to ripple throughout my body until my cup runneth over…..

Goddess, I love you and I want you to slow tf down!

In The Moment,

Lady Shepsa Jones

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