Badass Goddess Mentorship

An initiation into your sacred pussy,
power and pleasure.




While being your unapologetic authentic self


You can live the fearless and juicy life that you deserve


Giving a f*ck what others may think

Time to live by the Badass Goddess Code™

That sexy, fearless BADASS woman you’ve always wanted to be is calling you! Perhaps you’ve been ignoring her. Maybe you don’t know what she sounds like but you know deep down you feel unsatisfied.

You've been living a by a code, it's just the wrong've been imprisoned by the "Good Girl Code. You may think it’s crazy to feel unsatisfied because you’ve done all the “right” things in your life. You always got good grades. You went to the right schools and got the secure career your parents told you to. You’re the one in your family everyone can count on to be responsible. You became the “good girl” and a “people pleaser”. This worked for a while…

Somewhere along the way, you got confused. You lost touch with what you wanted and traded in your own desires for acceptance by others. You began to shrink and stuff yourself inside of boxes that were too small for you.

 This has left you tired, exhausted of being everything for everyone else. You’ve lost touch with the woman you know you are meant to be. You don’t even know how to find her. You fear it’s too late. You have too much trauma and not enough support.

If any of this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

Women are more likely to be diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Almost half of all women say their stress has increased over the past 5 years. Women are also more likely to report having physical and emotional symptoms from stress.

I believe a large part of the stress, anxiety and depression many women struggle with is rooted in living lives that are inauthentic, disconnected from their true feminine power and being too gatdamn “nice”!

I understand because I was this woman.

How I Went From Good Girl To Badass Goddess…

Fourteen years ago when I looked in the mirror I found a stranger staring back at me.

Her face looked like mine, her eyes looked like mine but something was missing. There was a disconnect.

I had done all the right things. Practically untouched until married because the “good book” said so. Graduated from a top school and had a secure teaching job. I was a devoted mother and wife.

But inside a part of me was shrinking, disappearing. I was so small that I didn’t recognize myself. I felt betrayed, not just by life that said being a “good girl” was what I needed to do to be successful, but I felt betrayed by myself.

I knew there was a bigger, BADDER, fearless, more powerful version of myself that was aching to be born. She was alive and she was sensual!

This part of me knew her power and it was rooted in her goddess energy.

So I left. I got the f--- out! I spent over 12 years healing me, loving on me, working on me and FINDING me!

I found not only a BLISS that no man or woman can take away, I found my power!

When I look in the mirror now, there is a woman I recognize and love. She has my eyes, my voice, my skin, my nose. She is the real me and she is FREE af!

If I can do it, you can do it too! In the Badass Goddess Mentorship I’m giving you everything I WISH I would have gotten at the beginning of my journey. This is the result of over a decade of healing, studying and learning. I took the best of what I've learned and put it into a framework I call, "The Badass Goddess Code

Badass Goddess Mentorship

During this 9 week journey I will initiate you into my Badass Goddess Code to awaken your divine feminine power. 

You will:

  • Become aware of childhood patterns that keep you feeling stuck and limited.
  • Connect with the power of your ancestors and heal intergenerational trauma.
  • Release blockages from your womb space.
  • Reclaim your energy and your time.
  • Learn to establish boundaries and protect your energy.
  • Experience more pampering, pleasure and play.
  • Connect to the power of your sacred pussy and authentic desires.
  • Open to becoming multi-orgasmic and full body orgasmic.
  • Awaken an inner fearlessness and confidence rooted in divine femine power.
  • Stop giving a f*ck about what others have to say, wake up your inner badass goddess and SLAY!

Format: We will meet live over Zoom weekly for 9 weeks

Mentorship Bonuses:

  • Free membership in my Watered Goddess Temple Community.
  • 2 private coaching sessions.
  • Free copy of my book, Nice For What?! How To Go From Being A Good Girl To A Badass Goddess.
  • Badass Goddess Good Juju pack: journal, yoni egg, sacred womb herbal blend and ceremonial cacao. 

Value over $3000

Optional Upgrade: Goddess Retreat

All mentees have the opportunity to add-on a retreat bonus to any of the retreats I do throughout the year in locations like New Orleans, Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

Retreat Includes:

  • Accomodations at a beautiful AirBnB
  • 2 meals daily
  • Badass Goddess Photoshoot
  • Goddess Rituals
  • Cultural Tours

Program Dates:
Wednesday, May 24th-July 26th. Class meets at 8pm EST

Here's a breakdown
of the program:

Week 1: Activate Your Ancestors.

It didn’t start with you. This week we will have an Ancestral Healing and Empowerment Ritual. We will call on and connect with our ancestors to support our healing journey.

Week 2: Heal The Child.

Playing the role of the “good girl” is something that roots back to childhood. This week we will uncover the family patterns that shaped us and work to heal our inner child.

Week 3: Reclaim Your Energy.

Many of us are exhausted because our energy is being sucked by our family, lovers, career, etc. This week we will focus on creating boundaries and protecting our energy.

Week 4: Release Womb Wounds.

The womb space is our center of creativity and feminine power. Having a disconnection from our womb often results in dis-ease, low libido and an inability to “birth” our lives. This week we will connect deeply to our womb, releasing hurts and traumas.

Week 5: Heal Your Heart.

The heart is a power center for women. Instead of depleting our heart through overgiving, we will cultivate self-love through the sacred medicine of cacao and breast massage.

Week 6: Unleash Your Life Force.

The ancients understood that we are more than just our physical bodies, we are animated by qi or life force energy. This week you will learn ancient practices to unblock the flow of energy in your body to experience more vitality and bliss.

Week 7: Play With Pleasure.

Play is the opposite of trauma and pleasure is medicine. Through sensual movement and dance, we will free our inner goddess and creativity. Special guest teacher.

Week 8: Pamper Your Pussy.

Yoni. Punany. Pussy. Whatever word you like to use, we know that between our legs is a center of power and pleasure. We will learn to heal and pamper our yonis through herbs and using the yoni egg.

Week 9: Own Your Orgasm.

Sacred sexuality teaches that a woman’s nature is to be multi-orgasmic. When we can own our pleasure, we own our power. Explore the different types of orgasm and how to channel your sexual energy to manifest your desires.

Are you ready to step into your


Choose your Goddess Journey:

Mentorship Package With Bonuses Includes:

  • 9 live weekly Goddess Rituals and Calls via Zoom
  • Recordings of all calls for 1 year
  • Private Facebook Group Community
  • Electronic version of my book Nice For What?! How To Go From Being A Good Girl To A Badass Goddess
  • Weekly Badass Goddess Mentorship Workbook
  • Free membership in my Watered Goddess Temple Community
  • 2 private coaching sessions
  • Free signed paperback copy of my book, Nice For What?! How To Go From Being A Good Girl To A Badass Goddess
  • Badass Goddess Good Juju pack: journal, yoni egg, Sacred Womb Tea, and ceremonial cacao

Value: $10,000

Pay In Full Only

Payment Plan Only
$291/month (6 months)

Mentorship Program (No Bonuses Included):

  • 9 live weekly Goddess Rituals and Calls via Zoom
  • Recordings of all calls for 1 year
  • Private Facebook Group Community
  • Electronic version of my book Nice For What?! How To Go From Being A Good Girl To A Badass Goddess
  • Weekly Badass Goddess Mentorship Workbook
  • Free membership in my Watered Goddess Temple Community.
  • 2 private coaching sessions.
  • Free signed paperback copy of my book, Nice For What?! How To Go From Being A Good Girl To A Badass Goddess.
  • Badass Goddess Good Juju pack: journal, yoni egg, sacred womb herbal blend and ceremonial cacao.

Value: $5,000

Pay In Full Only

Payment Plan Only
$249/month (4 months)

Check out testimonials from

goddesses below who went on a similar journey with me.

Goddess Nicole

Goddess Charronda

I cannot thank Lady Shepsa enough for the gift of this course. It was life altering and I couldn’t imagine being where I was before the class, which was carrying around heavy trauma, anxiety/depression, and extreme insomnia. Also, I was being “nice” to my own detriment (while feeling angry and invisible inside), and lacking confidence in my decision-making. I was numbing it out with medications and then those stopped working. It was time to do the Work with a capital W. The work that matters. I had to sign up for this course because if I didn’t release the valve I was going to explode. Plus, who doesn’t want to be a Badass Goddess on Fire?!

During the course I noticed small changes and then larger and larger changes. My brother literally told me at the end of the course, “you look so different. Happy, Calm.” He was right. This course and specifically Lady Shepsa (with her intuitive, compassionate and present teaching style) saved my life. It’s a new way of being that I’m adjusting to and grateful for experiencing. I feel centered in my body and confident. I feel Worthy and have quit playing small so others would accept me. I stand a little taller, have better eye contact and own my power (including boundaries). I don’t need anyone’s input in my decision-making. I can trust myself. I know I am divinely protected and the ancestor work helped me forgive and allow support in. It’s palpable.

 I was able to LET GO and heal almost 40 years of trauma. I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to do that. I’m off almost all medication and working on reducing others (under the guidance of my doctor). I simply don’t need them anymore! What they were masking is gone. I became very clear on my life journey and learned to trust my inner guidance. My husband and I are in the process of amicably separating and I feel a hopefulness that I wasn’t sure I ever would again. Lady Shepsa, you are the real deal. The courses and presence you offer your students is priceless. Thank you.

Goddess Jenn

I was in an emotional rut and was in an unforgiven space with myself. I happen to be scrolling on Facebook and came across an ad for the Badass Goddess Program. After listening to Lady Shepsa, I was drawn to join the program. I knew my rut had to change, I had to start my journey. Lady Shepsa helped me in my personal journey. We went through many exercises to start healing from the inside out. We did breast massages, ceremonies, dancing and understanding the importance of the yoni egg. Lady Shepsa had us to really dig deep inside to find your true inner Goddess. The work was challenging because you are looking deep within. I was able to meet some AMAZING women who are my Goddess sisters who were on their journeys. We laughed, cried, and cheered each other through trying times. We were assigned support sisters to keep each other accountable. My support sister is one of the most brilliant and generous people that I have met. We clicked instantly. We are working on a new business venture and projects.

Goddess Gelynn

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