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5 Ways to Reclaim Your Moon Cycle

December 20, 2019

Aunt Flow. Your “period”. That “time of the month”. There used to be a time I dreaded my menses. I remember as a teenager having cramps so bad that I wished I would die. Or, as an adult, cursing its arrival because I couldn’t have sex for a few days, had mood swings and that dreaded bloating.

Ever since embracing a more healthy diet, using a yoni egg, and working my sacred sexual practices, my cycle is virtually painless, and even enjoyable.

Now I revel in this time, I know there is a special vortex of energy that has opened within me. My sensitivity forces me to be in touch with my deepest truth. My physical and emotional feelings make me slow down.

I give myself permission to be quiet and release. Therefore I dream clearly, I intuit. My body becomes an oracle. I feel so in touch with spirit. It is an initiation. . . .

There is all kind of folklore surrounding women’s menses, however the sacredness placed on menstrual blood in many ancient cultures is no myth. In many societies women who bled gathered in a place with other women, (the proverbial red tent) and often served as seers. They engaged in ritual and rest.

The Cherokee believed that menstrual blood had the power to destroy one’s enemies. Certain tribes in Africa used it to empower their most potent charms. Throughout various Native American, African and Indian cultures, man was said to be created from “moon blood”. The gods themselves in India arose to heaven after bathing and partaking in sacred “communion” with the blood that flowed from goddess Kali’s womb.

Modern science has recently discovered the power of menstrual blood too and may be able to be use it to save lives. Menstrual blood is filled with healing steam cells that can be utilized for cellular regeneration and the treatment of strokes, Alzheimer’s disease and Lou Gehrig’s disease. These cells have been found to have the ability to morph into other kinds of cells, making their potential for medical healing quite astounding.

So while we may not have a “red tent” to retreat to, or a laboratory to conduct research, I’d thought I’d offer 5 ways that the modern woman could reclaim her sacred moon time.

1. Bless your yoni with natural products. Your yoni is a gateway (yoni is sanskrit for vagina). She sucks in and absorbs, she gives birth. Don’t feed her products with bleach, perfume or chemical treatment. She needs natural cotton, she needs to breathe. If you’re currently using products that have bleach, chlorine or other chemicals, get rid of them. These have been known to cause disease and sickness. Feminine products made from synthetic materials change the PH level of the vagina, making her more susceptible to bacteria growth. These products are laced with chemicals and contaminants that are known to cause a disruption of the hormones, cancer, vaginal dryness, birth defects and infertility.

There are several companies out there who manufacture natural feminine products like Seventh Generation and even re-useable pads sold by Homestead Emporium. Some women save a lot of money by using the Diva Cup. Research these more natural options and find the right alternative for you.
2. Stop Drop and Bleed. Just as the Earth cycles through day and night and the seasons of summer, spring, winter and fall, our body too cycles. Our menses is akin to the evening, wintertime, and the dark or New Moon. What do we do at night? We rest. During the winter we stay indoors more. It is our time to be still. Our body is shedding the precious lining of our uterus, filled with life force energy that would have gone to nurture a fetus. This is no small thing. She needs to release so this amazing cycle can begin again. When we slow down and rest, we aid this release.

In this modern age we are expected to go to work and take on business as usual. This is nonsense, but while you can’t call in sick 3-5 days every month to stay home for your cycle, you can choose to take it easy and rest when you can. Give yourself permission to just be, don’t push. Order out if you feel like it, take naps and let go of the need to be super woman. Often when we push during our cycle is when we get snappy or easily irritated. Let folks know now is not the time and you just need to be left alone.

3. Honor Your Emotional Truth. So speaking of being snappy, during our cycle we are hyper sensitive, and guess what? It’s a good thing! During our moon time we are letting the energy out our body has stored over the previous 23 or so days. While this means a release of nutrient rich blood, it’s also an emotional release.

Our cycle forces us to get in touch with feelings we may have hidden from during the month but can’t hide from now. Go within and listen to your emotional truth. Is there something you need to say? Something you’ve been holding back? I suggest journaling about it or if the opportunity arises, speak on it. During our dark moon time we may feel like we’ve been given a “truth serum” and while others may see our responses as over the top, I ask you to investigate what lies beyond the surface. Very often you’ll find some deep emotions that you have not been honoring. Sit down with them and have a chat.

4. Create and download. This hypersensitivity that we experience during our moon time is really a spiritual opening. This is what the ancients knew and why they allowed women to go off and have their ceremonies. This is why certain women were consulted as seers as this was considered their most powerful time. As you begin to embrace your bleeding and wash away the lies of patriarchy, as you harmonize the energy within yourself, you will begin to feel a magical attunement during this time.

Pay attention to your dreams and write them down, they may hold messages for you. Meditate and go within, tap into your intuition and journal about any visions that you see or insights you get.

If you’re an artist, create! As a teenager, I always noticed that I wrote better during my cycle. Make music, write poetry, sing, paint, draw, etc. You may find that within your emotional sensitivity is a treasure of beauty waiting to be unveiled.

5. Honor Her Before She Comes. According to Taoist tradition, women loose qi or life force energy during their menstrual cycle, this is why it’s important to rest. While it is important to rest and allow yourself to bleed, if your cycle is extremely heavy and so debilitating that you can’t function, then your body is imbalanced. You are loosing too much life force. If you suffer from severe menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding than you need to work with your body before your moon time arrives.

Cramps are a sign of stagnant energy, a contraction of coldness within the body. I suggest engaging in regular exercise to increase the circulation. Dance, yoga and qi gong are extremely beneficial. Eating a balanced diet, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, lots of water and herbal teas like ginger are helpful. I also highly suggest working with a yoni egg. There are specific sacred sexual healing techniques that you can use to disperse the stagnant energy causing the imbalance. I am available for one-on-one coaching if you’d like personal guidance on these techniques.

Also, if you are not having a cycle, a scanty flow or irregular period you should also investigate the cause of the imbalance.

Enjoy your moon time ladies and connect to the oracle of your body!

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