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You deserve to live a life that is juicy and orgasmic. Not for 10 seconds, once a week. Not only on vacations. But every. Damn. Day. YES! I know it’s hard, busting your butt at work, and raising your children. You spend time doing for everyone but yourself. Believe me, I know you don’t often get to feel soft and pink. But I have something that could help.

LGLG Yoni eggs in a basket


The practice of inserting a sacred gemstone into the yoni (sankrit for vagina meaning sacred space or divine passage) is thousands of years old. In fact, it is used to be a secret rite only used by the women of the royal court in China. The women who practiced this sexual kung fu were said to be “immortal”, having a youthful appearance with the tight and healthy reproductive organs of a much younger woman.

The yoni egg is used to tone the vagina and massage the sexual reflexology zones that stimulate the vital organs of the body. By meditating with the egg, we also can bring our sexual energy up into our higher spiritual centers to experience cosmic bliss.

But it also just feels good. Damn good. Through a regular practice of using a yoni egg you will make your yoni more sensitive to sensations. More sensation means more pleasure. You will awaken a world of juicy orgasmic energy.

Many women have reported going from non-orgasmic to having multiple orgasms after consistent yoni egg practice. Here is a breakdown of the many benefits of using an egg:


  • Increases flow of sexual hormones

  • Can help prevent or eliminate fibroids

  • Breaks up stagnant energy or qi which leads to disease in our yoni

  • Eases discomforts such as cramps associated with the menstrual cycle (note youcan not use the egg when on your cycle)

  • Tones, tightens and strengthens the yoni by assisting in gaining control of the

    voluntary and involuntary muscles

  • Aids in the natural increase of vaginal fluids making sex feel better

  • Strengthens the pelvic floors muscles, which helps protect against incontinence

    and pelvic prolapse

  • Naturally increases your libido

  • Rejuvenates sexual organs

  • Prepares for and provides healing from childbirth

The yoni eggs we sell are all drilled for easy removal. You simply loop a clean string through the hole, (like non-minty dental floss) and tie a knot. A drilled egg allows you to do a greater variety of exercises that will increase its effectiveness. Traditionally, eggs made of jade were used for its tremendous healing properties. All of our eggs are made of semi-precious stones with various healing and spiritual properties.

As you work with the yoni egg, you will develop a deeper connection to your sensuality and your feminine temple. Read below to discover the healing properties of each stone.

Please note: The eggs are made from natural gemstones and will vary in color and shade. Each egg is unique just as we are, so naturally occurring clouds or differences in shade does not mean the egg is defective or bad quality.

Disclaimer: The information shared on this page is for educational purposes and is not meant to diagnose or cure any illnesses. As always consult a medical professional if you have serious health concerns.

Buy a yoni egg and experience your own orgasmic transformation!