• Fatima V.
    Lady Shepsa, is an amazing woman. What promoted me to take the class in the first place is how radiantly, glowingly happy she looks in her picture and I wanted some of that happiness for myself. Shepsa is very warm, and caring with a sincere desire to help. She is extremely generous with her time, gosh, I probably messaged her so many times whenever I was feeling vulnerable and uncertain and she always replied within minutes. Her coaching skills are amazing and she helped me peel off my fear layer by layer. I have a lot more work to do, but the Enter the Goddess class, and Lady Shepsa has given me such a boost of confidence! I feel like I can go after everything. I was going through some really turbulent times, and Shepsa and the things taught to me in this class got me through it. The class helped me let go of a lot of negative conditioning and pain. It is deep work and I would recommend that you take this class if you need some self-nurturing and let’s face it we ALL need some nurturing. Thank you, Shepsa, for such an amazing experience! Kisses!

Art of Sacred Sex Class

  • Khalilah B.
    I thought I was really connected beforehand but I wasn’t connected to sacred sex, only the act of sex. This class has connected me to everything sacred about me: my body, my thoughts, my yoni…It has left me feeling like a sacred being walking on earth! -Khalilah B.  
  • Janice P.
    I wholeheartedly recommend Shepsa’s Sacred Sex class to any woman who wants to cultivate and own their sexuality and sensuality.  Shepsa lives what she teaches and she knows her stuff! What I loved most about the class was the sisterhood that was created. The class created a safe container of non-judgment and the support of like-minded women.  I loved, loved, loved every minute! - Janice P.
  • Lavender B.
    Shepsa is amazing! I took her goddess class and it changed my life. I learned healing techniques and I began to look deep within myself for the joy that I have always desired. I learned about meditation, yoga, massage and I now incorporate these practices into my life on a daily basis. I am on a spiritual journey and I am growing each day because of the teachings and wisdom of Shepsa. I now know why I want what I want and how I am going to get it! Shepsa's class also connected me with some great women who were very friendly and on a similar journey. I appreciated the extra support and it added to my growth. She is one of a kind: genuine, smart , spiritual, non judgmental and a beautiful person. I am glad I met her because she has impacted my life in such positive ways. -Lavender B.  
  • Taiza P.
    Sometimes spiritual growth is hard, but this class made it an absolute joy! I loved the other goddesses in the class and I really felt we took each other to new heights. Exploring my spirituality in connection with my sexuality was jaw-dropping, eye-opening, and, well, juicy where it counts. This class integrates the body’s physical needs with yoga and qi gong, the mind’s needs with fun and interesting activities, the human need for connection with a great group of women, and a very vital, often overlooked link between divine sexuality and spirituality. I found old habits being challenged and new ways of being coming into existence. I also got in deep touch with my true, true desires. Sometimes doing this is painful, and there was some pain, but it was more playful than anything. I LOVED the playfulness. I felt safe to engage at a very deep level, or take it slow if it felt like too much. Life can really dry me out sometimes. This class was nurturing, collaborative, integrative, and so so soothingly soulful. Lady Shepsa is freaking amazing! She knows good juju and imparts it with beautiful love. This class is definitely worth far more than she charges and I would encourage every woman I know with any desire to go beyond the physical reality to take a class/coach with her. She’s so unbelievable!  
  • Yolanda A.
    Lady Shepsa has a brilliance about her that invites you in, wraps its arms around you, and lets you know that whatever the issue is, wherever you are in life, whomever the man/woman is that hurt you, you are greater than it all! She reminds you that you are a GODDESS, and nothing short of magnificent! With heartfelt compassion and the wisdom of the elders she offers the tools needed to navigate the course of life while helping you to realize and remember, that it is your divine right to have, to be to live a life full of abundant bliss.  
  • Meggai F.
    Before taking this class, my mind was all over the place. I stressed often, and it seemed to be over small things. It was difficult for me to engage my own feelings, because it was hard for me to pinpoint exactly what was bringing me down. I must say, this class helped tremendously on forcing me to focus on what I wanted for myself, how I wanted it, and when I desired for it to happen. I also (re) learned different methods and tapped into an inner energy that helped me de-stress (i.e. spiritual baths, sex magic meditation). I would definitely recommend this class to open-minded women who A) don’t feel sexy, B) experiencing low self-esteem, and/or C) losing focus or direction in their lives. Shepsa is very warm and receptive, with an infectious energy that inspires others to express themselves, be daring, and embrace the skin their in.  
  • Koren S.
    I joined the Enter the Goddess group when I honestly had given up on just about everything.  I had lost my job, my love life was ok and the demands of being a single parent had truly run its course.  When I spoke to Lady Shepsa, just through our ½ hour phone conversation, she felt something inside of me that I swore I had lost: she felt my passion.  I was very hesitant about taking the course but if I don’t take care of me, who will?  Working with Lady Shepsa was awesome.  She’s knowledgeable, personable, funny and down to earth. My biggest takeaway from the class was reconnecting with the person that I yearned to be and understanding that my past did not nor does not define who I am.  By participating honestly (yes honestly) I was able to see not just my patterns but the patterns that my parents unconsciously placed in my life that played on my current screen.  By going through this journey, I was supported by my newfound goddess sisters and I was able to find my light. If you have the opportunity to take this class, go for it!  It is not pretty.  You will dig deep and you have to be committed to becoming a better you.  In the end, you’ll feel like a phoenix rising through the ashes and your mind, body and soul will thank you for it!