As a single woman, it can be hard not to be resentful of happy couples you see prancing around all lovey-dovey, especially on Valentines Day. While this emotion is understandable, it is not going to bring in the love you truly desire. To attract love, we must become love.

One way to radiate self -love is to plan a date night with yourself. I believe every woman should do this at least twice a month, if not once a week.

You must treat yourself the way you want someone to treat you. Here are some ways to be your own Valentine, not just once a year but always.

1. Buy your favorite dinner, a delectable dessert and beautiful flowers. Pour your favorite glass of wine or make a yummy smoothie. Dine by candle light. As you eat and drink, sensually savor each mouthful knowing you deserve to feel this good.

2. Make your home your spa by taking a nice warm bath. Bring your candle and add some of the flower petals to accent the water. Put in drops of perfume or essentials oils like orange, lavender, or ylang ylang to soothe your senses. Make your bath extra sweet by drizzling some honey in the water. Play soft sensual music like jazz or try nature sounds like ocean waves.

3. Water is a great transmitter of energy. As women, we have a special connection to water. The feminine is the embodiment of the water element on this planet. As you sit in the water, breathe deeply and contemplate all the things you are thankful for. Mediate and imagine the things you desire as if they already are. Feel the joy of what you want, knowing it is yours or something far greater. The energy of the water will amplify your manifestations, making them more charged with power.

4. When you get out of the tub, lather up with a sensual oil like coconut or almond oil. Give love to every part of your body. As your hands slide over your body, bless every inch of you. Honor your body temple, your are anointing the goddess! Dress in something soft like a flowy dress, skirt or nightgown.

5. Get out some pen and paper. Write a love letter to yourself as if it was from your ideal soul mate. How would you want this person to speak to you? What would they say? How would they express their love for you?

6. Now read the letter out loud to yourself, as if you are talking to you. Know that the love you are seeking you must first develop within. Honor your beautiful body and gentle heart the way you’d want a lover to. (Even if you are in a relationship, you can still go through this process to experiencing a deeper intimacy with yourself. Watch how your relationship blossoms.)

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