Let Go Let Goddess is dedicated to helping women learn to “fill their own cup”so that their life overflows with juicy goodness that comes from a river of joy within.We believe that women represent the divine feminine principle, having within herthe seeds to heal herself and in turn, heal the world. We subscribe to the old adagethat, “If mama ain’t happy, nobody is happy!” 

Too often women, stressed by the demands of life unique to womanhood, areunsatisfied and this unhappiness spreads to the world around her. Women are toldhow to look, dress and act. We believe in woman defining herself and expanding intothe most blissful version of her life. We aim to provide tools to assist women in uplifting her inner world, so that her outer world will transform.  

We see sensuality as a pathway toward greater fulfillment, empowerment and ecstasy. We are sacred, sexy goddesses! We heal ourselves and in turn, the world becomes a more beautiful place.

Through teaching ancient and modern practices such as meditation, visualization, affirmation, yoga, dance, qi gong, ritual and Tantric exercises we guide women to bring more healing, joy and power to their lives. We offer healing circles, workshops, life coaching, classes on sacred sexuality and retreats. Through our Goddess Tours, we help women experience the beauty and healing of womanhood abroad by traveling to other countries to engage in workshops, sight seeing, relaxation and cultural exchanges.


Our system nourishes the entire being by incorporating practices that engage the mind, body, and spirit with a special focus on pleasure.


Mind Work

With a Master’s degree in teaching and over ten years study in the best self help techniques, I incorporate exercises that engage the mind in the journey toward self realization by releasing negative patterns, establishing new desires and igniting our bliss.


Body Work

With over ten years of study of qi gong and yoga, I teach various exercises to release stagnant energy and cultivate the positive of flow of life force through the body.


Spirit Work

As an initiate in several spiritual traditions, I incorporate meditation and ritual to reprogram the subconscious to release past patterns and align with our desires.


Pleasure Principle

The body and mind need to experience pleasure on a regular basis to be happy, whole and healthy. Through weaving in sacred sexual and Tantric practices, I guide women to healing through pleasure and living a juicy and orgasmic life.