5 Powers of the Dark Goddess

Sometimes we only want the goddess to play nice with us. We want her to be all spring flowers and honey kisses. We want the sweet lush flora, but don’t want the rains that make it grow.

As we head into winter, we move into the territory of the Dark Goddess. Dark because during this time of the year the “dark” aspect of energy or yin, is at it’s height. We have longer nights, shorter days. The weather gets colder, making us more internal and reflective.

This is our time of release and it is the realm where the Dark Goddess works her magic. She is the aspect of the goddess who does not play nice with your weaknesses.

She is not willing to let you half-ass, slide, or be less than you were meant to be. She’s not about skipping through the tulips or sniffing the daises. She is not about coddling your ego. She is about tearing ‘ish up. She will break you down, have you crying for mercy. In the end, you will love her for it, for you will stand more powerful than ever before.

As we move into her realm, I invite you to embrace her magic and not run away from it. I present to you the 5 Powers of the Dark Goddess.

1. Destruction. You ever see a town after a tornado tears through it? What does it look like? Wreckage. Houses destroyed, debris everywhere. Only that which was built to last will stand. This is what the Dark Goddess can do when she spins through our life. She brings sudden and swift change. What ever needs to go may be ripped from your arms. If the foundation upon which you built something was not solid, it may be destroyed. The best advice during the time of destruction is not to resist. Allow whatever is being tore up to go. Most likely it is no longer serving you anyway. Let the winds of change sweep it away.

2. Chaos. During the time of destruction chaos is king. Our first response is often shock. We run around like a chicken with our head cut off trying to prevent the change, sifting through the wreckage trying to find what can be saved. Our resistance becomes heightened. Utterly confused, we have no idea what to do. We realize we can no longer hold on, we submit to the chaos. Through our submission there is power. We can be the peace in the eye of the storm. Through inner peace, the next step on the path lights up. We know what to do next.

3. Dissolution. All things are dissolved. We release, we let go. Sometimes this may feel like giving up. But it is not. It is resigning control and letting the higher good reign. Dissolution can be sweet if you let it. Allow that which is no longer serving you to exit stage left. Through dissolution we create space for the new. Know that better is coming. What was destroyed can be rebuilt, this time only better, or something even greater entirely is on the horizon. Wait for it.

4. Cleansing. After the old has been dissolved it is time to clean up. Some blood may have spilled. Debris might be littering your streets. Time to get to work and tend to the loose ends. Overall, you will feel a sense of newness. The air will smell clean. You will see better. The old is gone and the space before you is wide open, ready for new seeds to be planted. Bask in your new purity and don’t dirty it up again with that which you have left behind.

5. Rebuilding. We f—king did it! We let go! We are all cleaned up and now it’s time to build. We have learned some powerful lessons. We know what we want and what we don’t want. Now we can draft the new blueprint. We get to ask for and create what we truly desire. This is the time of rebirth. This is the time of gratitude. We survived quite an ordeal and we are so much better because of it. The light is edging upon the darkness and it is so sweet. Now we can look back and laugh. What was I so afraid of we ask? Our vision is clearer than ever. Something amazing is being born.

As we dip into the mystery of the Dark Goddess, keep the light of hope going in your hearts and allow her to release what is no longer serving you, and bring you your highest good.

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  1. January 6, 2016

    Wow!!! I really needed this and thoroughly appreciated it!! I look forward to my emails from you! Peace and Bliss..✌️😊

  2. January 23, 2016

    Thank you goddess!!

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