I wanna share something with you. Today is a powerful day! A day honestly I only heard of this week. It is the Black Moon. A Black Moon occurs when there are two New Moons in a month, the second moon, is called the Black Moon. (Like in a month with two Full Moons, the second one is the Blue Moon.)

New Moons herald new beginnings, so one could see a Black Moon as a potent time to begin again. In the astrological tradition, Black Moons are thought to be super feminine, representing clarity and awakening.

I’d like to share some tips on how to make the most of this time and new month coming up.

 3 Ways To Tap Into The Power Of The Black New Moon

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1. Embrace Black. Many people are afraid of blackness. There are many perceived negative associations linked to the word “black” including connections to evil and “darkness”. It is time we shed any wrongly held perceptions around blackness. There is power in embracing black! While the color black is associated with death, what is death but a part of life? Death is necessary for the cycle of birth, death and rebirth to continue. What we don’t allow to die will only stagnant us and make us sick.

Blackness represents so many beautiful things. It is the beginning. It is the darkness that nurtures the fetus for nine months in it’s mother’s womb. It is the rich soil that the seed must be planted in to grow into a mighty oak tree. The blackness of night is the time when we sleep and enter into the realm of the subconscious to receive messages from the spirit world.

Black is also the color of Kali, Hindu goddess of death and destruction whose blue/black skin represents the void through which all creation emerges from and folds back into. Black is the infinity of space, our Universe is stitched in blackness.

On this evening of the Black New Moon, spend some time in darkness, illuminated by a candle (within yin there is always yang and vice versa). Meditate on what needs to die, and what needs to be birthed.

2. Connect to Your Ancestors. Speaking of life and death, without those who came before us we would not exist. In many traditional African religious systems, our ancestors are our closest spiritual allies, our first line of defense and powerful protectors. Having crossed over to the other side, they are one with the spiritual world and can aide us with our efforts on earth.

During this time of year many cultures pay tribute to their dead. Día de Muertos, The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated at the end of October and beginning of November. In Haitian Vodou, October belongs to Ghede, the spirit of the dead who mocks the living through salacious and outrageous behaviors. If you haven’t taken time lately to connect to your deceased relatives, this Black New Moon could be a great time.


One simple way to connect to your ancestors is to create a place in your home just for them. Many of us do this unconsciously and keep photos and obituaries of deceased loved ones on a particular table or shelf. You can designate a table, shelf or location on the floor to honor your ancestors. Place pictures of them (be sure no living people are in the pictures), any memorabilia you may have from them, a white candle and a clear glass of water.

The candle will send them light and the water acts as a spiritual conduit. You also cook their favorite foods, or cultural foods and place them on the altar as well.

Say prayers and ask them to help you with your objectives this Black New Moon.

3. Get Ready For The New!
If you want to blossom something new, you must create the space. How does one create space for a new beginning? Initiate endings. Release. Purge. Let go and clean out.

What does this look like? It depends on what you desire to manifest. It may look like conversations that need to had, cleaning out your closet, doing a detox, getting a body scrub, cutting your hair, starting a new workout regime, taking a nap, writing a letter, crying, or making love. In your meditations ask for it to become clear what you need to do to release or initiate.

Ask your ancestors to be your witness.

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  1. October 1, 2016

    Im up at 2am. And I hadnt written down my new moin manifestation prayer. So here I am seeking a little direction and really grounding in the practice. A space to engage and solicit my ancestors is the reminder I needed.
    Fall is a beautiful time of year. Libra season!!!

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